Andrew Alpin

Andrew Alpin

The 15 Healthiest Foods to Eat From Major Food Groups For Weight Loss

Since you have committed yourself to lose weight, what’s the hardest thing you face with such an issue. Even though you may not have the extensive knowledge of a physical trainer on working out, still you do know that exercising and quality cardio does help. Now while you have your

Sweaty hands and feet are a common problem with several people. What makes this condition an embarrassing and awkward one is the fact that you have to avoid shaking hands with people at social events. Moreover it becomes a problem to work when your hands keep sweating all the time.

The Tabata Protocol, The World’s Best Cardio Workout Guaranteed for Weight Loss

Just 4 minutes of a Tabata workout can burn fat. Going on up on HIIT or high intensity interval training, Tabata workouts are the latest fitness trend that was sensationalized the world over by Japanese fitness research scientist Doctor Izumi Tabata. After extensive research in 1996 at the national institute

Science Proves That Too Much Sitting Can Kill You Even If You Exercise

The biggest negative factor in the evolution of man is a sedentary lifestyle contributing to poor health and increased mortality. From a physically active species engaged in hunting and activity man’s progress has also become a common curse with many becoming couch potatoes at home or reeling under the ill

Pancreatic cancer, the silent killer is affecting a lot of people worldwide where most cases result in death. The most challenging problem facing the treatment of pancreatic cancer is its diagnosis only in the later stages of the disease. The early stages of the disease do not cause any serious

Deep Vein Thrombosis Is A Killer Disease. Here’s All You Need To Know to Prevent DVT

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a killer disease. In The USA alone the CDC or center for disease control estimates that between 300,000 to 600,000 are affected by DVT annually. Approximately 60, 000 to 100,000 Americans die from the disease and its related condition of pulmonary embolism every year. What are