Sameeksha Sethi

Sameeksha Sethi

Becoming a parent starts with getting your body ready for pregnancy

Having a child and becoming a parent is one of the biggest decisions a couple has to make in their lifetime. If you have finally decided to have a child, there are various things to consider before getting pregnant because improper planning can lead to miscarriage or many other health

How to properly care for an asthmatic child

Asthma is a persistent lung disease that creates breathing problems by narrowing the airways. It leads to wheezing, chest tightness, labored breathing, and bad coughing. This disease can affect people of all ages, but usually begins in childhood. In case it is left untreated, it might create more problems in

6 Natural Non-prescription Antibiotics

There are so many types of synthetic antibiotics in the world that you may have already tried but when treating infections, have you ever considered taking natural antibiotics? If you want to get the world’s best antibiotics, you don’t need to visit a doctor. You may absolutely get these antibiotics

Be careful - Your ordinary headache could be migraine!

Migraines may or may not be genetic. They are severe headaches with breathlessness, blurred vision, and restricted body movements as supplementary discomforts. Migraine awareness week is a great initiative to educate people about the various aspects of migraine, viz. Why migraine happens? What causes migraine? How to treat migraine? Migraine

Breastfeeding and lactation – for the healthy growth of your baby1

Breastfeeding provides the necessary nutrients which are important for the baby’s growth. This is considered a vital stage in every mother’s life. Breastfeeding keeps your child healthy and protects him against all types of infections, allergies, and diseases. Every mother has to breastfeed her child for at least six months,