Disease Prevention

Acne - A petty or an important beauty concern?

All over the world, the number of people suffering from acne is increasing day by day. It may be a petty issue to some but it’s a whole day matter of concern to someone who is suffering from it. Are you really fed up of those skin eruptions, pimples, and

6 Natural Non-prescription Antibiotics

There are so many types of synthetic antibiotics in the world that you may have already tried but when treating infections, have you ever considered taking natural antibiotics? If you want to get the world’s best antibiotics, you don’t need to visit a doctor. You may absolutely get these antibiotics

Cataract - How to prevent this age-related vision problem

You are getting older and you notice your vision changing. Images seem to be blurred and unclear. Of course, you are not happy about it and you are a little scared. What if you lose sight of the world? You wonder if you are suffering from cataract. In this article,

We invite and live with the most unwanted guests - MICROBES

Every single person is brought up hearing warnings about ‘the germs,’ since his childhood. And, if not frightened with the warnings, he has to get terrified at those scary germ faces shown in the advertisements. Would it not surprise us that the most warning givers, the parents, were themselves responsible