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Becoming a parent starts with getting your body ready for pregnancy

Having a child and becoming a parent is one of the biggest decisions a couple has to make in their lifetime. If you have finally decided to have a child, there are various things to consider before getting pregnant because improper planning can lead to miscarriage or many other health

7 Helpful foods to cure menstrual cramps

Do you experience menstrual cramps which make you crawl under the covers? Do you also experience vomiting or loose bowel movements during or as your menstrual period starts? Does your body feel as cold as an iceberg and cause unbearable pain? Do you find the first few hours before your

Blocked Fallopian tube - Can you still become pregnant?

Fallopian tubes are two very thin (its width about the size of a spaghetti strand) tubes, lined with hair-like projections called cilia. Upon ovulation, the egg from the ovary travels through the Fallopian tubes where it meets the sperm after copulation and where the process of fertilization begins. The cilia