Almost one third of people in the US are overweight and struggling to lose fat. There are several people who may wonder why they don’t lose weight. You observe a diet and exercise yet you still don’t lose weight. Have you ever considered the fact that maybe you are doing

The Tabata Protocol, The World’s Best Cardio Workout Guaranteed for Weight Loss

Just 4 minutes of a Tabata workout can burn fat. Going on up on HIIT or high intensity interval training, Tabata workouts are the latest fitness trend that was sensationalized the world over by Japanese fitness research scientist Doctor Izumi Tabata. After extensive research in 1996 at the national institute

Chronic low back pain can be due to a herniated disc

Herniated disc is not a common problem, occurring in 1 out of 900 people. It is an abnormality related to the intervertebral discs which may be slipped, ruptured, bulging, or herniated. This generally affects the lumbar region of the spine, causing pain in the lower back area.

Quick weight loss - Is It truly safe?

Everywhere you look there is a new fad, state of the art pill, powder, or drink mix to make you lose weight quickly. But, should you? Is Fast weight loss actually safe for you, your body, your organs, and most of all your mentality?The answer might surprise you. Some companies promise