Science Proves That Too Much Sitting Can Kill You Even If You Exercise

The biggest negative factor in the evolution of man is a sedentary lifestyle contributing to poor health and increased mortality. From a physically active species engaged in hunting and activity man’s progress has also become a common curse with many becoming couch potatoes at home or reeling under the ill

Gall bladder health - How to avoid gallstone formation

The presence of gallstones in the gall bladder is called cholelithiasis. Symptoms usually attack after meal. It is most common among women and overweight people. Gallstones may cause severe abdominal pain or no symptoms at all. Rarely, gallstones may indicate gall bladder cancer.

Memory-boosting foods for different age groups

Are you forgetful? Do you know that eating a particular food helps boost memory power? There are special nutrients and vitamins required to fuel and power up the slow nerves in the brain, depending on age. From prenatal to old age, the brain requires changes in nutritional supplements. Lets us