Sate your hunger with these healthy mini-meals

Did you know that munching on unhealthy foodstuff at irregular intervals is the main cause of obesity, malnutrition, and many health problems? Kids, teens, and even adults nowadays prefer spicy, oily, and creamy foods being sold on the streets and fast foods, and skip on healthy, homemade foods. These unhealthy

Delicious warming and cooling soups for winter and summer

Is a bowl of soup really a good winter meal? It can be yes and no. Soups may also be served cold making it a good summer meal as well. Have you heard about that earlier? Yes, soups are healthy liquid meals; they not only sate hunger in winters but

Healthy milkshakes out of superfood

Milkshakes are wholesome beverages loved by all age groups, while superfoods are nutrient-packed, vitamin-enriched, energy-boosting antioxidant foods that are beneficial to health. The nutritional value of superfoods is multiplied when combined with milk, as well as its flavours. Homemade milkshakes are extremely easy to make; there are multiple ways to