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Cataract – How to prevent this age-related vision problem


You are getting older and you notice your vision changing. Images seem to be blurred and unclear. Of course, you are not happy about it and you are a little scared. What if you lose sight of the world? You wonder if you are suffering from cataract. In this article, we will discuss this condition and know how we can avoid it.

1 What are cataract and its causes?

Cataract is a progressive, painless clouding of the eye, particularly affecting its lens. It is a condition where the eyes become opaque and vision becomes impaired over a period of time. It occurs when there is a build up of protein in the lens making it cloudy and is related to getting old. On the average, 65% of older people suffer from cataract. Due to cataracts, it becomes difficult to read, write, drive, and see.

What are cataract and its causes
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