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Be careful – Your ordinary headache could be migraine!


Migraines may or may not be genetic. They are severe headaches with breathlessness, blurred vision, and restricted body movements as supplementary discomforts. Migraine awareness week is a great initiative to educate people about the various aspects of migraine, viz.

  • Why migraine happens?
  • What causes migraine?
  • How to treat migraine?

Migraine pains are classified into two types, namely classical migraines (with aura) or common migraines (without aura). As the name suggests, a common migraine is most usually experienced. There is no particular age group of people affected by migraine; children are also reported to fall victim to it. Today, the increasing stress level in the routine lives of the masses is directly proportional to the cases of migraine being reported to the medical authorities.

1 Causes of Migraine

Unlike other ailments, there are no generic causes for its occurrence. The reasons vary from patient to patient. Some patients suffer migraines after consuming particular food items, whereas some get it post certain physical activities. The pain is caused by a chemical imbalance in the neurological system of the body and the trigger for such malfunction may be of varied nature in different individuals. Some people reported of having migraine owing to family history, while some complain of excessive strain as the main reason. Eating habits are also noted to be a factor leading to migraine, as the body reacts negatively to the intake of certain food nutrients which causes the malfunction. It is essential to take note of the triggers to stay alert and avoid the occurrence of migraine.

Causes of Migraine
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