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7 Helpful foods to cure menstrual cramps


Do you experience menstrual cramps which make you crawl under the covers? Do you also experience vomiting or loose bowel movements during or as your menstrual period starts? Does your body feel as cold as an iceberg and cause unbearable pain? Do you find the first few hours before your period very traumatic? Then it’s time for you to follow these simple tricks to put an end to this menses pain.

1 Do you know why these cramps actually happen?

Menstrual pain is a normal and natural phenomenon which every woman faces in her life. All of us know that girls get their periods every month and this is a process through which the body prepares them for pregnancy.

When you are not pregnant, the body shreds the lining of the womb and this is why you experience discomfort and pain. When the lining is shred, the womb contracts to help with the shredding. A chemical called prostaglandin also plays an active role in womb contraction. This altogether causes discomfort and painful cramps.

Menstrual pain
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