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Only Ten Minutes of This Fantastic Workout Will Make You Lose Fat


2 The 10 Minute Workout To Lose Fat

Warm up for 5 minutes

Perform dynamic or active stretches that benefit the arms, leg and back. These are the muscles that will be responsible for performing the HIIT workout so they should be flexible and conditioned for the exercise. You will need an exercise bike for the workout.

Warm up stretches
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Cycling: 2 Minutes. Intense Cycle Sprint 20 Seconds:

On an exercise bike, first commence cycling at a slow pace and pick up speed gradually. Once you have cycled for 2 minutes, start sprint cycling as fast as possible for 20 seconds.

Repeat phase 2: Cycling 2 Minutes. Intense cycle sprint 20 Seconds

This is the second phase of the exercise where you again cycle for 2 minutes and then burst into an intense cycle sprint for 20 seconds.

Repeat phase 3: Cycling 2 Minutes, ALL Out Sprint 20 Seconds

For the third and last time repeat the same activity by cycling 2 minutes and sprinting for 20 seconds. In this phase, treat the moderate cycling for 2 minutes as a recovery phase without going too fast. The last sprint should be as intense as possible. Now rest after the workout.

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