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Protein Is Vital For Normal Bodily Function. Here are 12 Healthy Vegetarian Sources Of Protein


Protein is an essential ingredient of nutrition required by the human body. Scientifically speaking, protein provides your body with essential amino acids that are the building blocks of life. It initiates enzyme production and constitutes the most important of physiological processes in the body, protein synthesis. Now it is common knowledge that non vegetarian products are commonly regarded as the richest sources of protein but as a vegetarian, it doesn’t mean that you should lack the food resources of protein in your diet. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are several rich vegetarian sources of protein that also contribute to health.

1 Protein synthesis and why protein is important

Protein synthesis is a metabolic process that breaks down into macronutrients which nourishes our muscles. Without protein synthesis our bodies would lack muscle development and energy which is also produced in the process. Protein intake helps us recover from the loss in muscle cells and tissue during physical activity. Sportsmen especially need a constant supply of protein for muscle recovery and soreness from strenuous physical activity or workouts.

Protein helps us repair damaged muscle tissue and contributes to building as well as repairing cartilage, muscle, cells, tissue, bones and blood. It is also needed for several bodily functions and general health. In simple terms, your body needs protein.

Protein synthesis
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2 How much Protein do you need?

This brings us to the all important question what do vegetarians do for protein. The answer is simple. While a vegetarian diet devoid of red meat can be excellent for health, it can also provide you your daily dose of protein providing you know what to eat. According to Harvard medical school health watch, the recommended dietary intake of protein for the average man should be 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight. The average sedentary man should get 56 gms of protein per day and women 46 gms. To determine your RDA of protein you should multiply your weight in pounds by 0.36. Alternately you can refer to this protein calculator recommended by the US Food and Nutritional Information center dept of agriculture

How much Protein do you need
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