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10 Natural And Effective Remedies For Boils That Actually Work


A boil is a skin abscess or localized skin infection that matures over time from a tiny red tender pimple to a much larger pus filled cyst. Pus usually collects in the head or a core of a boil which after running its course will burst to release the pus and subsequently heal. However not all boils are as simple as that. As a staphylococcus infection boils can progress to larger carbuncles in which case medical intervention is necessary.

Boils usually form as an infected hair follicle, a hair break or cystic acne caused by blocked oil ducts. There are various types of boils ranging from regular boils in the groin, armpits and various part of the body to more severe multiple infections. Although an extremely painful condition, in most cases boils do respond to treatment. While the mentioned factors could be the reasons for a boil, there are several underlying factors that need diagnosis by a doctor such as skin infection, low immunity, anemia and even diabetes. These ten natural remedies for boils can do much to control the pain, discomfort and facilitate the healing process.

1 Cornmeal

Cornmeal doesn’t exactly have medicinal properties but it is an excellent absorbent. The Aztecs and Cherokee Indians frequently used dried powdered cornflour as a remedy for boils. Boil ½ cup of water and make a paste with cornmeal. Apply the cornmeal as a poultice over the affected area and cover with a clean cotton cloth. Repeat every two hours till the boil drains.

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