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Household ingredient secret weapon against heart attacks, strokes


Many of us have lost relatives to the life-threatening stroke or heart attack and there have been occasions where a few minutes’ delay in medical attention took things down the unfortunate road often traveled. However, specialists and physicians have recommended cayenne pepper tea as a natural remedy against culling a heart attack possibility. The key ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, is what is responsible for this stitch in time.

1 Why cayenne pepper tea?

Scientific evidence gathered by researchers after performing on lab animals has proved that capsaicin induces heat generation in the anatomy that encourages the pathways to the heart, in lab animals like rats, to re-open to proper circulation of blood and oxygen, reducing the scope of the heart attack. The cayenne pepper tea typically contains enough minerals to produce 90,000 Scoville Heat Units that should be enough to cause the pathways to the human heart to function normally in the duration of a heart attack or a stroke. Cayenne pepper comprises of at least 26 different minerals which work in unison.

Cayenne pepper tea is also recommended as a health tonic by some herbal medicine practitioners. Cayenne pepper has anti fungal qualities and also benefits the human digestive system by regulating the secretion of gastric juices. The key component of cayenne pepper, capsaicin, is used in many tonic ointments as a pain reliever; the capsaicin inhibits the levels of substance P in the system which is a key in the sensation of pain in the human body. This means that joint pains and sprains can be treated with such ointments too.

Why cayenne pepper tea
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