7 Helpful foods to cure menstrual cramps

Do you experience menstrual cramps which make you crawl under the covers? Do you also experience vomiting or loose bowel movements during or as your menstrual period starts? Does your body feel as cold as an iceberg and cause unbearable pain? Do you find the first few hours before your

These common foods can boost male fertility

Do any of you know what kinds of food to include in a man’s diet to raise or promote male fertility? Do you actually know what male fertility means? Get your queries answered here. In this article, you will come to know about fertility-boosting foods and the solution to male

6 Natural Non-prescription Antibiotics

There are so many types of synthetic antibiotics in the world that you may have already tried but when treating infections, have you ever considered taking natural antibiotics? If you want to get the world’s best antibiotics, you don’t need to visit a doctor. You may absolutely get these antibiotics

Insomnia - What’s keeping you awake?

Do you find it difficult to have a peaceful and complete sleep? Are you not feeling sleepy at night or can’t sleep when you desire? Are you habitually sleepless? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you are suffering from a sleep disorder termed as insomnia.

Be careful - Your ordinary headache could be migraine!

Migraines may or may not be genetic. They are severe headaches with breathlessness, blurred vision, and restricted body movements as supplementary discomforts. Migraine awareness week is a great initiative to educate people about the various aspects of migraine, viz. Why migraine happens? What causes migraine? How to treat migraine? Migraine

Chronic low back pain can be due to a herniated disc

Herniated disc is not a common problem, occurring in 1 out of 900 people. It is an abnormality related to the intervertebral discs which may be slipped, ruptured, bulging, or herniated. This generally affects the lumbar region of the spine, causing pain in the lower back area.