Healthy milkshakes out of superfood

Milkshakes are wholesome beverages loved by all age groups, while superfoods are nutrient-packed, vitamin-enriched, energy-boosting antioxidant foods that are beneficial to health. The nutritional value of superfoods is multiplied when combined with milk, as well as its flavours. Homemade milkshakes are extremely easy to make; there are multiple ways to

Chronic muscle Pain - It can be fibromyalgia

Do you always complain about widespread and chronic muscle pain accompanied by fatigue? Do you experience trouble sleeping, or do you have tender points (points that hurt when you put pressure on them) on your body? You consulted your doctor but all tests done came back negative. You may be

New findings about the mediterranean diet

Food, obviously, is one of the basic human needs for survival along with water, oxygen, sleep and shelter. Nowadays, while people crave for scrumptious delicacies to satisfy their hunger and while trying to keep up with their busy schedules, they are also developing the art of conscious eating and becoming

Blocked Fallopian tube - Can you still become pregnant?

Fallopian tubes are two very thin (its width about the size of a spaghetti strand) tubes, lined with hair-like projections called cilia. Upon ovulation, the egg from the ovary travels through the Fallopian tubes where it meets the sperm after copulation and where the process of fertilization begins. The cilia

Breastfeeding and lactation – for the healthy growth of your baby1

Breastfeeding provides the necessary nutrients which are important for the baby’s growth. This is considered a vital stage in every mother’s life. Breastfeeding keeps your child healthy and protects him against all types of infections, allergies, and diseases. Every mother has to breastfeed her child for at least six months,

Fight that dandruff off

We all realize that, eventually in our lives we have urgently attempted a wide range of dandruff treatment and over-the-counter dandruff shampoos, however this is one predicament that continues to make a comeback. Dandruff can be spread in the event that you share a comb, hairbrush, cleanser or towel. Disposing