Did you Know about these 10 herbs that can heal respiratory infections and boost lung health

America has long been home to citizens who believe in popping pills and chugging some liquid to dull the pain and keep the sickness at bay; they could scoff all they want at the side-effects and ramifications that medical research presented. Now that the dark secrets behind the bottles of

Household ingredient secret weapon against heart attacks, strokes

Many of us have lost relatives to the life-threatening stroke or heart attack and there have been occasions where a few minutes’ delay in medical attention took things down the unfortunate road often traveled. However, specialists and physicians have recommended cayenne pepper tea as a natural remedy against culling a

We invite and live with the most unwanted guests - MICROBES

Every single person is brought up hearing warnings about ‘the germs,’ since his childhood. And, if not frightened with the warnings, he has to get terrified at those scary germ faces shown in the advertisements. Would it not surprise us that the most warning givers, the parents, were themselves responsible

Quick weight loss - Is It truly safe?

Everywhere you look there is a new fad, state of the art pill, powder, or drink mix to make you lose weight quickly. But, should you? Is Fast weight loss actually safe for you, your body, your organs, and most of all your mentality?The answer might surprise you. Some companies promise