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5 Easy Yoga Poses for Insomnia to De-Stress Your Body And Help You Sleep


Insomnia is one condition affecting several thousand people worldwide and perhaps the biggest culprit is stress. Both sleep deprivation and stress are vicious cycles that lead to a number of health disorders. Insomnia can really get you down and is one of the primary conditions of stress affecting so many US adults today.

Our fast paced lifestyle is a major contributing factor causing over stimulation of the nervous system thus causing restlessness, tension and insomnia. The key to managing insomnia is to reduce stress levels in the body and what better way to achieve that than Yoga.

Besides the theological and spiritual factors surrounding Yoga, it is also a healthy form of exercise coupled with breathing techniques that can reduce the symptoms of several disorders. Here are 5 easy yoga poses for insomnia that can help you sleep. Yoga poses can help you reduce the stress and tension by calming and relaxing your body thus inducing a favorable physiological condition conducive for sleep.

1 Shishusana or the Child Pose

Favored by many because of its relaxation pose easy to perform, the child’s pose can be done by almost every healthy individual.

Kneel on the floor and gently enter a sitting positon resting on your heels. Separate your knees to hip width. Now exhale and bend forward placing your torso on your thighs. Extend your arms out in front of you hold the position and breathe. Now slowly return your arms alongside your body with palms facing upward. Hold and breathe. Then return back to sitting position and repeat twice. The child pose relaxes the back and improves digestion.

Benefits of Shishuasana: Calms nerves and relieves stress and anxiety. Relaxes the back, relieves constipation. Avoid doing this if you are pregnant or suffering from diarrhea.

Shishusana or the Child Pose
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