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7 Helpful foods to cure menstrual cramps

Do you experience menstrual cramps which make you crawl under the covers? Do you also experience vomiting or loose bowel movements during or as your menstrual period starts? Does your body feel as cold as an iceberg and cause unbearable pain? Do you find the first few hours before your period very traumatic? Then it’s time for you to follow these simple tricks to put an end to this menses pain.

1 Do you know why these cramps actually happen?

Menstrual pain is a normal and natural phenomenon which every woman faces in her life. All of us know that girls get their periods every month and this is a process through which the body prepares them for pregnancy.

When you are not pregnant, the body shreds the lining of the womb and this is why you experience discomfort and pain. When the lining is shred, the womb contracts to help with the shredding. A chemical called prostaglandin also plays an active role in womb contraction. This altogether causes discomfort and painful cramps.

Menstrual pain
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2 Know how to manage the cramps with these medicinal foods


Ginger is full of goodness that soothes the pain during menses. It relaxes the nerves and calms the body. Ginger can be used in several ways:

Ginger tea

Boil a glass of water. Let it simmer then add grated ginger. Let the essence of the ginger infuse in the water. When the water reduces to half, pour it in a cup and drink it sip by sip while still hot. This can help relieve stress.

how to manage the cramps with these medicinal foods
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3 Ginger milk

Ginger milk is very effective when you suffer from period cramps. Heat a glass of milk and add grated ginger. Let it cook for a while. You can add jaggery as a sweetener and be sure to drink the milk while it is still hot. This improves circulation and relaxes the body.

Mint leaves

This recipe is easy to prepare and is also effective. Mint has astringent properties and is a fast cleanser which speeds up the process of menstrual shredding.

Take few mint leaves, about 15-20. Add water, blend, and then chew slowly. You may drink water afterwards, but make sure the water isn’t cold. This can be done 4-5 times until the pain goes away.

Mint leaves
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4 Cramp bark

It might be confusing but yes, it’s called cramp bark and it is a natural uterine relaxant. The bark of the tree can be used to soothe menstrual pain.

You can put 2 grams of the bark in your favorite tea and drink it regularly before your menses date or you can drink a decoction.

Put 2-4 grams of cramp bark in a cup of water. Let it boil for some time. Remove from heat after the bark has infused well then drink while still hot.

Cramp bark
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5 Heat up the body

Try to warm up your cold body which already produced a lot of chemicals. Heat opens the vessels and improves blood circulation.

You can use hot pads, bottles, and bags. This is not very new but it is very effective and sedative.

Take hot baths. It relaxes your whole body. You can also add aromatic oils like lavender oil.

Heat up the body
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6 Saraca asoca bark

This is my personal favorite. This bark is boon for people suffering from menstrual cramps. Just prepare a decoction and take it every month, a week before your period starts. This is proven to reduce menstrual pain.

Boil a 4-inch bark in water and have it like a regular tea to get tranquilized during menses.

Saraca asoca bark
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Massaging the sole of the foot helps when suffering from menstrual cramps

Mustard oil is considered as the best oil to use. It relaxes the nerves and helps in improving blood circulation.

Massaging the sole of the foot
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7 Black cardamom or hill cardamom

It is an aromatic herb which has a smoky flavor. It is useful when the cramps are caused by restricted blood flow. Consuming this herb contracts the blood passages, relieving the pain.

  • Take 2 pieces of it and grind it coarsely with a grinding stone. Swallow the seeds with water.
  • Do’s and don’ts while experiencing menstrual pain
  • Reduce caffeine intake.
  • Avoid cold food while cramping such as ice cream, cold water, curd, etc.
  • Reduce salt intake.
  • Regular exercise, yoga, and walking keep your body active and help menstrual cycle to run smoothly.
  • Increase intake of magnesium and calcium.
  • Drink hot beverages while suffering from cramps like soups, herbal teas, etc.
  • Keep your tummy full. Feed yourself enough during periods to avoid bloating.
Black cardamom or hill cardamom
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We all know menstrual pain can be unbearable at times. We cannot avoid it as it is how nature designed it. Learn how to manage it and relieve the pain naturally without any side effects with the above-mentioned soothing remedies.

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