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Becoming a parent starts with getting your body ready for pregnancy

Having a child and becoming a parent is one of the biggest decisions a couple has to make in their lifetime. If you have finally decided to have a child, there are various things to consider before getting pregnant because improper planning can lead to miscarriage or many other health problems – either to the mother or to the baby. You might be mentally and emotionally ready to become a mother but is your body ready for it? Be it your first or succeeding pregnancy, sometimes it might be too early and sometimes too late. We could never know unless we make a preconception planning which should go according to plan.

Here are a few tips that will help you know your body and help you make plans for conception without any issue.

1 Type of birth control

There are different methods of birth control, and when you have decided to stop taking birth control pills to conceive, you might skip your cycle for not more than two weeks. But, if you had one normal period after stopping the pills, it will be helpful to note the date you ovulated and the due date for the baby. However, if you wish to wait for another few more months, it is best to use condoms to get your cycle back to normal. Some women opt for long-term birth control methods such as progestin injections. In such cases, conceiving after stopping the injections will take more months than with pills.

Type of birth control
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2 Be up to date on your vaccinations

Have you checked if you have taken all the vaccinations to protect your body against deadly diseases? If not, then it’s time to have a look at your vaccination chart before you conceive. Diseases such as chicken pox, German measles, and few other illnesses can harm the baby. Hence, it is important to get a blood test done and know your immunity level. Get all the vaccinations you have skipped at least a month before you plan to have a baby.

Be up to date on your vaccinations
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3 Other medical conditions

After the age of 30, women need to get their health checked once a year, even when there’s no indication of any health problem. The hormones play a major role in human body changes with regards to health. If you are taking any medication for any kind of medical condition, it is best to talk to your doctor about it so that he can change the medication and discuss with you the safe way of conceiving while undergoing treatment. Certain medications can harm the growth of the baby; hence, make sure you speak to your doctor before having a baby.

Other medical conditions
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4 Check your family history

A family history of any medical condition on either side of the couple increases the chances of the baby inheriting genetic disorders. Cystic fibrosis or any other birth defects can be avoided by consulting your doctor and a genetic counselor. Talk to your partner and find out about any chronic family health conditions before deciding to conceive. Be prepared mentally and physically; knowing about these things will help you in your pregnancy.

Check your family history
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5 Age factor

As age advances, fertility problems increase and getting pregnant can be difficult. Pregnancy problems appear such as gestational diabetes and other health conditions. Even the father’s age also matters, hence, speaking to your doctor before conceiving is important to make sure you are both ready to have a baby.

 Age factor
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6 Current lifestyle

Oftentimes, a woman conceives before paying attention to her lifestyle. There are so many factors to consider before deciding to have a baby. If you are underweight or overweight, it is necessary to make weight adjustments as improper weight causes health issues for both the mother and the baby. Other things such as alcohol, smoking, and exposure to toxic substances on a regular basis also need to be stopped to have a healthy baby. A woman’s body needs time to get adjusted to these changes. Make sure you are ready before you conceive.

Current lifestyle
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If you or your partner is at risk of any sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, Chlamydia, etc., get a screening test done and accordingly get treatment before conceiving. These STDs can be transferred to the baby and cause serious health issues.

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Preconception planning will help in the entire nine months to ensure the delivery of a healthy baby, as well as keeping the mother in good health. Many couples choose the wrong time to have a baby, usually before even knowing if they are ready and if the woman can conceive without any issues. But, how can we know if our body is ready or not? Of course, your body is not going tell you when it is time. Hence, you need to check on a few things and make sure your body is ready to conceive to avoid any problems later.