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Metastatic Breast Cancer and How to Live with the Condition

Although you may feel that breast cancer is a treatable disease, it always pays to be cautious and seek medical intervention in time to arrest it. Breast cancer if neglected or diagnosed too late can ultimately progress to metastatic breast cancer which is the term to describe stage 4 of advanced breast cancer. The statistics of breast cancer in the USA are alarming where an estimated 252,710 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in the USA alone in 2017. Amongst these 40,610 women are expected to die from breast cancer this year.

In metastatic breast cancer, the disease invades surrounding organs ultimately reaching the brain. Rather than dwelling on the implications of the disease, one should focus on factors that create an environment within the body that leads to the question how does metastatic breast cancer spread from stage 3?

All You Need To Know About Psoriasis and How to Manage the Disease

Psoriasis is a common prevailing autoimmune skin condition in the US where approximately 7.5 million Americans suffer from it. Though not fatal, psoriasis can be extremely irritating to the extent of causing extreme discomfort and even trauma. While psoriasis isn’t contagious, the most negative factor of the disease is the possibility of resurfacing even after signs of remission.

Pancreatic Cancer: The Fourth Largest Cancer Killer in the World, Here’s what You Need To Know About it

Pancreatic cancer, the silent killer is affecting a lot of people worldwide where most cases result in death. The most challenging problem facing the treatment of pancreatic cancer is its diagnosis only in the later stages of the disease. The early stages of the disease do not cause any serious symptoms thereby causing patients to ignore the probability of their symptoms being caused by pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic cancer thus needs to be assessed and diagnosed early for timely treatment.

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth largest cancer killer in the world after lung, bowel and prostate cancer. The negative aspect of pancreatic cancer is the lack of success in diagnosing the disease in early stages where surgery could be a lifesaver for patients. The life expectancy for a patient with advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer is only 3 to 6 months.

Deep Vein Thrombosis Is A Killer Disease. Here’s All You Need To Know to Prevent DVT

Deep Vein Thrombosis is a killer disease. In The USA alone the CDC or center for disease control estimates that between 300,000 to 600,000 are affected by DVT annually. Approximately 60, 000 to 100,000 Americans die from the disease and its related condition of pulmonary embolism every year. What are the major factors contributing to such an alarming trend of DVT. Only awareness and prevention of the contributing factors of DVT and PE can help people reduce this calamity that is slowly increasing with every passing year.

In a nutshell Deep vein Thrombosis is a blood clot that forms within one or more veins inside the human body usually in the leg. If not treated in time, it can break free from its location and affect the lungs where the condition is known as Pulmonary Embolism. Both DVT and PE go hand in hand. Unchecked, DVT ultimately causes stroke, heart attack and death.

Stop that agonizing earache – Prevent and treat ear infection

Do you keep tugging your ear more frequently than usual because of the swelling and pain you are experiencing? Are you feeling restless due to an intense earache? Do you also experience sudden headache and notice foul smelling secretion from your ear? These symptoms can be due to an infection. Know how to treat and prevent it.

Malignant Bone Tumors – Symptoms and Treatment

Bone tumors can affect any bone of the human body, but it is mostly observed that tumors often hit the bigger bones. A bone tumor is actually an abnormal growth of an extra tissue in the bone. The bones that stand at high risk of developing a tumor are the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), pelvis, and the humerus (upper arm bone). Some kinds of bone tumors are benign which do not spread to other body parts while some bone tumors are cancerous in nature.

Be careful – Your ordinary headache could be migraine!

Migraines may or may not be genetic. They are severe headaches with breathlessness, blurred vision, and restricted body movements as supplementary discomforts. Migraine awareness week is a great initiative to educate people about the various aspects of migraine, viz.

  • Why migraine happens?
  • What causes migraine?
  • How to treat migraine?

Migraine pains are classified into two types, namely classical migraines (with aura) or common migraines (without aura). As the name suggests, a common migraine is most usually experienced. There is no particular age group of people affected by migraine; children are also reported to fall victim to it. Today, the increasing stress level in the routine lives of the masses is directly proportional to the cases of migraine being reported to the medical authorities.

Flu – Is It A Mediocre Or Deadly Disease?

Does your body temperature rises up to 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit and remains consistent for 3 to 4 days? Are you regularly experiencing chest discomfort, cough, and headache? These are indications that you might be suffering from flu. Influenza, more commonly known as flu, is an extremely contagious respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus. If you think you have flu, stay alert.

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