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How to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise – 15 Best Exercises Tips

Everyone knows that exercise is crucial to weight loss but you need to how to lose weight fast from exercise. Unless you don’t know the precise ways to exercise which target those areas that have the most fat on your body, your efforts will be futile. While continuous exercise is healthy for you, it’s knowing how to lose weight fast with exercise. That’s the ultimate goal to help you perform specific exercises so that you reduce weight faster than usual.

Here are the best exercises for weight loss that will target every fat pocket you have on your body and help you lose weight fast in exercise. Every activity depicted here will take you a step closer to your weight loss goals.

lose weight fast with exercise

15 Assured Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast With Exercise

  1. Cardio exercises are necessary for losing weight
  2. Strength training loses weight faster
  3. Pushups for chest shoulder and arms
  4. Crunch for abdomen
  5. Bicep curls
  6. Squat for thighs and butt
  7. Reverse Dip for triceps and biceps
  8. Lunges for legs
  9. Swimming
  10. Kettlebell Routines
  11. LIT Method
  12. Circuit Training
  13. Power Yoga
  14. Elliptical Training
  15. Rowing

1Cardio exercises are necessary for losing weight

Cardio exercises
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According to the American College of Sports Medicine cardio boosts your metabolism for almost 24 hours even after you finish exercising. Now where your physiology is concerned, an increase of metabolism rate means more fat is being burned in your body. Cardio exercises like Aerobics is one of the best ways on how to lose weight fast from exercise. It can be done form low to high intensity which increases metabolism and oxygenates muscles.

However one big point to remember is that you need to integrate a few moments of intense effort into your cardio exercise such as if you are walking , swimming, bicycling or doing a elliptical, then hike up the pace or speed for at least 20 seconds to a minute. If you like walking this will increase your metabolism to a higher rate during the workout. It will take a long time to slow down which means you burn calories long after you leave the gym or finish the exercise.

To get the maximum benefit of cardio to lose weight fast with exercise, walk for 30 minutes and then jog for 30 seconds. Do this every five minutes. You can also workout similar timings for various other exercises too. If you jog, then sprint for 30 seconds. As you become more accustomed to the intensity, you can increase it over time but make sure the intensity is a real effort that leaves you panting.

2Strength training loses weight faster

When you really want to lose weight fast with exercise, then strength exercise also has to be incorporated in your daily workout routine.  Although your heart and organs require fuel and energy 24 hours, you can’t really do much for the metabolic requirements but your muscles can and as you perform strength training, your muscles will keep demanding more and more calories, that’s how you lose weight fast in exercise.

The following exercises below will help you target every possible muscle in your body and also make you increase your weight loss. You should do the next entire set of exercises ( points 3,4,5,6,7, and 8) in 30 minutes.  It should also be done at least 3 times a week after which your muscle will become a fat burning fireplace. The following exercises have been advocated by many experts and the American college of sports medicine as the best moves to lose weight in exercise.

Strength training loses weight faster

3Pushups for chest shoulder and arms

Pushups for chest shoulder and arms

Although traditionally regarded as a strength training exercise and part of callisthenic routines, the push up may not be as good as cardio for burning weight but when done as part of a routine, it certainly is helpful as it tones your shoulders, arms and chest muscles. It will of course burn calories as any exercise should.

4Crunch for abdomen

Crunch for abdomen

The crunch is one of the best ways to lose weight fast with exercise. Ab crunches build muscles and power while flattening your stomach. It also strengthens your core. Although visceral or abdominal fat is the most stubborn pockets of fat that is also easy to gain, core exercises along with ab crunches will do much to burn calories when it is part of your strength routine.

5Bicep curls

As one of the moves to lose weight fast from exercise, bicep curls strengthen muscles for us to perform even more strenuous exercises such as pull ups and rows. Curls workout the elbow flexors and strengthen you entire arm.

Bicep curls

6Squat for thighs and butt

Squats are by far one of the best activities to lose weight fast in exercise because it will also take off a lot of weight from a heavy butt. It is a great toning exercise for thighs and butt too. Squats should always be incorporated into your cardio or strength training routines.

Squat for thighs and butt

7Reverse Dip for triceps and biceps

Reverse Dip for triceps and biceps

Reverse dips are excellent for working out the entire upper body muscles, strengthening them and preparing them for better workouts. The benefit of such movements to lose weight fast from exercise is that they don’t even need fancy equipment or a gym. You can perform them at home.

8Lunges for legs

Lunges for legs

When you lose lean muscle, it slows down metabolism and reduces the pace of fat burn. Lunges integrated into any exercises to lose weight fast helps you burn fat tone up your legs and strengthen your lower body.

Burn Calories and Lose Fat with these Low Intensity Workouts

You have seen how strength exercise can help you burn calories, here are other ways you can lose weight fast with exercise. While high intensity workouts is known to burn maximum calories at an accelerated pace, it does place considerable stress and tension on your joints. Exercises like sprinting and jumping done in high intensity can damage your tendons, joint cushions and even your muscles. It’s even riskier if you musculoskeletal frame is not used to it or if you are an aged person.

These LIW (low intensity workouts) are specifically meant to help you lose weight fast in exercise without taking on too much stress.



Swimming can be considered the ultimate low intensity workout and a way to lose weight fast from exercise. If you enjoy swimming, then it has a ton of benefits in store for you. In comparison to walking or jogging, swimming can help you lose more weight faster, slim down your figure, improve your overall body composition and tone your arms, upper body muscles and legs too.

10Kettlebell Routines

Kettlebell routines are fantastic for burning enough calories that is equivalent to the amount you burn while jogging or power walking on an inclined treadmill. Standard kettlebell swings burns approximately 12.5 calories per minute and is a good exercise to lose weight faster. Working out with these weights can even help you tone your muscles and build lean muscle, which will definitely make your physique look better.

Kettlebell Routines

11LIT Method

LIT Method

LIT stands for low impact training. This workout program lasts for around 50 minutes and includes exercises like mat strength work, resistance band workouts, foam rolling mobility workouts and rowing.  These exercises help to steadily build muscles and strength while effectively making your body shed fat and lose weight.

12Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a method of training for strength while at the same time involving few aspects of cardio training. Since there is little to no time to rest between exercises in a circuit it becomes a good form of cardio that burns significantly more calories than your average strength training. Circuit training utilizes moderate weight training to help build up your muscles and explosive strength at a controlled pace.

13Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Power yoga unlike other forms of yoga keeps you in constant motion and hence is good for burning calories. It is one of the best ways to lose weight fast in exercise. This type of yoga makes you hold every pose for only a few seconds and then transitions to the next pose and in doing so your body is constantly moving.

Power yoga enables you to engage all the muscles in your body which in turn elevates your heart rate that stimulates the burning of calories. So, in an hour of doing power yoga, you burn up a lot of calories, build overall body strength and improve your range of motion and sense of balance.

14Elliptical Training

Elliptical Training

Elliptical training is extremely potent in burning fat and is a rather fun workout method. Its duration is around 30 minutes and it is much better than running or jogging. It gives the glute muscles a better workout and if there are ski-pole like arm handles attached to it, then it can even help you tone your upper body muscles as well.



Rowing not only helps you burn around 500 or more calories and lose fat and weight loss but also gives you a good full body workout. It works out your arms, upper back muscles, and legs. In addition it serves as a great core workout and is fantastic for improving upper back posture.

Follow these helpful tips to lose weight fast from exercise and you will surely get there but!! Along with exercises to lose weight, you also need to maintain a well balanced diet. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and stay away from processed foods and sugar.