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How To Lose Weight In A Week – 16 Simple And Best Tips

If you are wondering how to lose weight in a week and think is it possible, then the answer is yes. Losing weight requires a certain commitment to yourself. You need to stay focused on goals you have envisioned for yourself and remain dedicated to walking that path which will lead you to success. Weight loss is governed by two factors, your lifestyle and your diet. Learning how to maintain these two elements in a healthy manner will help you to lose at least 7 pounds in a week. Follow these 15 steps that detail some of the most important elements which will impact your physiology in positive ways to lose weight effectively.

Perhaps the worst culprit that causes weight gain is lifestyle. A lifestyle ruled by stress and unhealthy eating is dangerous for any person because it ultimately increases your need for food, unhealthy snacks and no activity. You have to take that first step to change your lifestyle if you want to know how to lose weight in a week. Here’s how to go about it.

Top Experts Tips On How To Lose Weight In A Week

Change Your OLD Lifestyles Habits

1. Set a Realistic Goal
2. Set a Time for Everything
3. Reduce Your Portions
4. Follow a Positive Attitude
5. Stand up Straight
6. Active Outside Of the Gym
7. Get Good Sleep for Health

Change Your Old Food Habits

8. Drink Mainly Water
9. Eliminate Sugar
10. Consume Green Tea or Coffee an Hour before Working Out
11. Consume Fruits and Vegetables
12. Consume Healthy Snacks
13. Eat More Lean Protein
14. Consume Vitamin C

Change Your Old Exercise Plan Habits

15. Wake up in the morning
16. Do Yoga and Exercise

1. Set a Realistic Goal

The biggest mistake most people make is to set an unrealistic goal for them and get over-enthusiastic in the gym. This isn’t about losing weight in a day so take it easy. You need to set a goal according to your own capabilities. Pushing your body too hard will be the most demotivating factor of your path to weight loss making you give up and you are soon back to square one(1).

Set a Realistic Goal
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2. Set a Time for Everything

There is a time for everything. Prepare a workout schedule for yourself so that you do not get confused when to exercise. Rest when you have to because rest is a major path of the health process. Rest also increases muscle recovery that contributes to the muscle synthesis or build up of muscles. Eat at a particular time and sleep when you are supposed to. Abiding by a proper timing will make your body disciplined enough to manage the entire healthy routine you have set for yourself.

Set a Time for Everything
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3. Reduce Your Portions

One of the important answers to how to lose weight in a week is to learn to eat quality food rather than quantity. By all means eat a healthy breakfast because that’s the most important meal of the day but when it comes to your meals, reduce the quantity. Instead of bulking up on food, integrate healthy food choices such as good carbs, protein and healthy fats that will give you a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids vital for muscle growth, prevention of disease and also weight loss. Should you need to snack in-between, then refer to the point 12 of healthy snacks that will not only keep you satiated but provide you a good dose of healthy ingredients. Eat a light dinner and drink a protein shake before retiring which will also contribute to weight loss(2).

Reduce Your Portions
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4. Follow a Positive Attitude

Given the fact that stress may be governing your lifestyle what with a tiring work schedule and problems at home. If you allow these factors to rule your state of mind, then you most probably are going to gain a lot of weight simply because stress and depression make you eat more. Being positive helps you appreciate and value yourself. It impacts your desire to remain committed to your weight loss routine. When your mood is elevated you will definitely start losing weight too from a healthier lifestyle.

Follow a Positive Attitude
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5. Stand up Straight

Posture is important to remain healthy. A bad posture puts undue pressure on your internal physiology. In fact believe it or not but a hunched poor posture also impacts your frame of mind. The biggest challenge to maintaining a good posture is the fact that you need to sit for long hours at work hunched over a desk. Start taking frequent short breaks. You can also implement exercises such as restart yoga for good posture

Stand up Straight
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6. Active Outside Of the Gym

Although it is a good thing that you are now working out, it isn’t enough if you want to know how to lose weight in a week then do not allow your lifestyle outside the gym impede your weight loss goals. Rather than remaining sedentary for the major part of the day, incorporate simple tasks of life to help you remain active. Instead of taking an escalator or an elevator, take the steps. Enjoy a brisk walk in the park. Do housework to help you remain active.

Active Outside Of the Gym
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7. Get Good Sleep for Health

Did you know that sleep deprivation contributes to weight gain?? Inadequate sleep increases the hormone cortisol which makes you crave more food. Likewise, sleep deprivation plummets your leptin levels which again makes you eat more. Moreover, lack of sleep retards your mental focus, causes anxiety and depression which demotivates you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle because your body is too fatigued to workout. According to research and multiple studies, your body needs no less than 7/8 hours of sleep a day(3).

Get Good Sleep for Health
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Change Your Old Food Habits

If you really want to know how to lose weight in a week then the first step is to forget your old lifestyle habits. You need to make the right choice and put a step forward in the right direction. Forget your old lifestyle habits, quit eating processed food and junk snacks, stop all carbonated drinks and reach for healthy food choices that will help you condition your body for reaching your weight loss goals. Adopt a new lifestyle for yourself marked with positivity and happiness. The next points are all on how to maintain healthy nutrition

8. Drink Mainly Water

Carbonated drinks, fruit juices, and soda aren’t a substitute for water. When thirsty, go for water instead of a beverage. Not drinking enough water is one of the most common mistakes we make in our lives. Water not only hydrates your system and improves digestion for healthy elimination waste; it also helps you lose weight. While water keeps you satiated, it also increases your metabolism to burn more calories. If you are habituated to eating too much during meals, then drinking water before a meal helps you consume less food.

Drink Mainly Water
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9. Eliminate Sugar

Sugar is one of the most dangerous of ingredients that has contributed to obesity and ill-health. Sugar contains free radicals that cause disease and cancer. In addition, sugar is in almost every processed food and sack which you desperately need to avoid. Sugar increases abdominal fat and also puts you at risk of diabetes. If you do have a sweet tooth, then go for healthy food options instead. Maintaining such habits will surely keep you on the right track of how to lose weight in a week.

Eliminate Sugar
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10. Consume Green Tea or Coffee an Hour before Working Out

The best way on how to lose weight in a week is to consume Green tea and black coffee. Both are beneficial for metabolism. Green tea increases metabolism while caffeine improves endurance giving you more energy for a longer workout. Athletes supplement with caffeine to increase performance. However, never resort to sugary sports drinks that contain caffeine as it would be a setback because of the sugar content. Research studies have also proved how green tea helps you burn fat and lose weight.

Consume Green Tea or Coffee an Hour before Working Out
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11. Consume Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are extremely important if you want to load up on nutrients that fortify your weight loss routine. While there are fruits that can help you burn fat like dark berries, peaches, plums. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamins minerals and antioxidants that fight disease. Moreover fruits like bananas are great for pre-workout sacks as they are rich in electrolytes. Fiber in fruits also improve digestion while the prebiotic and probiotic in fruits and veggies improve gut health.

Consume Fruits and Vegetables
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12. Consume Healthy Snacks

Snacking is also one of the most common habits that leads to huge weight gain because invariably we reach for unhealthy snacks. You need to change your choices to snack wisely. Snacks like a tuna sandwich which salads give you a good dose of protein and healthy fats. Peanut butter with honey and multigrain bread provide you a dose of antioxidants, protein, and good carbs. Snacking on almonds and nuts also load you up with healthy fats that improve your chances of weight loss.

Consume Healthy Snacks
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13. Eat More Lean Protein

Protein is the building blocks of life. Protein is also vital to your health goals and building up of muscle which is why it is referred to as protein synthesis of muscle. Eating more of protein and less fatty foods will condition your muscles for the endurance of a good workout. A high protein diet can reduce food cravings and night time snacking. You also consume fewer calories with lean proteins such as fish and lean meat. Protein is regarded the topmost food for any weight loss routine.

Eat More Lean Protein
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14. Consume Vitamin C

According to research, those who have a vitamin C deficiency have a tough time losing fat mass. Vitamin C not only improved bodily function, it also provides your body with a rich dose of antioxidants that keeps builds up your immunity. Vitamin C also contributes to building of muscle tissue and skin tissue in the body.

Consume Vitamin C
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Change Your Old Exercise Plan Habits

The question of how to lose weight in a week can be answered without the factor of exercise. Working out needs to be high on your weight loss goals because that’s the prime way you are going to lose fat. Forget about the old conventional way of exercising, when joining a gym, ask your trainer for faster weight loss routines rather than strength routines. Today there are new age workout routines such as Tabatha workouts that require short workout sessions that burn calories faster. HIIT or High intensity interval training is also another way to burn fat at a high rate in the shortest time span available.

A bit of advice is to do a cardio session before eating breakfast because that will use up your body’s fat stores helping you lose weight in a week

15. Wake up in the morning

“Early to bed and early to rise”, the saying has a lot of truth in it as an early riser after a good night’s sleep is more refreshed simply because you peak of deep sleep has been achieved at a right time. Your body’s sleep patterns are governed by melatonin which increase as it gets dark telling your body it needs sleep, it decreases as dawn approaches again making you wake up. Going against these patterns of sleep work against your weight loss goals and throws your routine into jeopardy.

Man With Arm Raised On Bed
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16. Do Yoga and Exercise

While the question of exercise has already been addressed above, you need to contemplate new disciplines that can condition your body for more weight loss. Yoga is an excellent discipline that not only provides you physical exercise but also rejuvenates your mind and keeps you in appositive attitude. Yoga is good for several bodily conditions that ultimately improve your general health and well being. Now that you know how to lose weight in a week, you should remain committed to this health plan to achieve success.

Do Yoga and Exercise
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