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Only Ten Minutes of This Fantastic Workout Will Make You Lose Fat

Almost one third of people in the US are overweight and struggling to lose fat. There are several people who may wonder why they don’t lose weight. You observe a diet and exercise yet you still don’t lose weight. Have you ever considered the fact that maybe you are doing things the wrong way.

Consider the fact that you are habituated in eating a good lunch despite of being at work. You hit the gym in the evening and yet what does your weighing scale tell you. Zero weight loss!! Do you realize that your workout has actually worked off the calories you’ve added during lunch and nothing more? The key to weight loss is how to exercise and when to exercise. Stay tuned to this site to get some of the best weight loss tips guaranteed to help you lose fat. Meanwhile here is a 10 minute workout to lose fat you can perform on an exercise bike sure to make you lose weight without the need of expensive gym equipment. Moreover you save precious time as it takes only 10 minutes.

1 What is HIIT

The workout is based on HIIT or High intensity interval training. HIIT is quality above quantity where a few minutes of vigorous cardio can work wonders for your weight loss regime. A Research study published by Dr. Martin Gibala and others published in journal Plos one observed how just a ten minute workout was more effective than slogging for an hour at the gym.

The unique study by Dr. Gibala combined the protocols of HIIT with low intensity workouts to acquire best results of weight loss. The study which included participants who led sedentary lifestyles performed the exercise of a 12 week period and the results were phenomenal. With this 10 minute workout to lose fat you acquire the same cardiovascular benefits as exercising for an hour or 50 minutes.

What is HIIT
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2 The 10 Minute Workout To Lose Fat

Warm up for 5 minutes

Perform dynamic or active stretches that benefit the arms, leg and back. These are the muscles that will be responsible for performing the HIIT workout so they should be flexible and conditioned for the exercise. You will need an exercise bike for the workout.

Warm up stretches
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Cycling: 2 Minutes. Intense Cycle Sprint 20 Seconds:

On an exercise bike, first commence cycling at a slow pace and pick up speed gradually. Once you have cycled for 2 minutes, start sprint cycling as fast as possible for 20 seconds.

Repeat phase 2: Cycling 2 Minutes. Intense cycle sprint 20 Seconds

This is the second phase of the exercise where you again cycle for 2 minutes and then burst into an intense cycle sprint for 20 seconds.

Repeat phase 3: Cycling 2 Minutes, ALL Out Sprint 20 Seconds

For the third and last time repeat the same activity by cycling 2 minutes and sprinting for 20 seconds. In this phase, treat the moderate cycling for 2 minutes as a recovery phase without going too fast. The last sprint should be as intense as possible. Now rest after the workout.

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3 The Benefits of HIIT

The biggest advantage of this 10 minute workout to lose fat is the fact that the fat burning process continues for several hours long after the exercise is over. To avoid any injury, perform the exercise twice or thrice a week only. For regular gym goers, thrice a week of HIIT will surely build muscle, increase energy and help you lose weight. You can add the workout to your own weight or resistance training but first consult with your trainer.

  • Increases endurance
  • Improves casrdiovascular health
  • Increases energy and builds muscle
  • Saves time on workouts
  • Increases metabolism
  • Can be modified to individual conditions without equipment
  • Activates teloromase an anti ageing hormone
  • Improved skin tone
  • Curbs weight gaining hormones like gherlin delaying activity after exercise.
  • Increases leptin, the hormone responsible for satiety and inducing weight loss.
The Benefits of HIIT
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