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We invite and live with the most unwanted guests – MICROBES

Every single person is brought up hearing warnings about ‘the germs,’ since his childhood. And, if not frightened with the warnings, he has to get terrified at those scary germ faces shown in the advertisements. Would it not surprise us that the most warning givers, the parents, were themselves responsible for the problem initiation? Or the things used to bring about cleanliness in a house are actually themselves the filthiest???

Despite the apparent precautionary measures, microorganisms still manages to invade all the possible environmental spaces, including our very own homes. Adding to one’s amazement, we, the living beings, are solely responsible for rendering habitat to these microscopic creatures. Yes, we invite them and live with them, knowingly or unknowingly. Following are the 6 most contaminated household items which are responsible for the spread of many diseases:

1 Kitchen sponge being the most contaminated item

Starting with the most contaminated item, kitchen sponge manages to be at the hit list. And you think that you have cleaned your dishes and kitchen tops successfully??? The porous structure and suitable amount of wetness present in the dish washing sponge makes it the best place for bacteria to live in. Many people do not bother to wash the utmost contaminated sponge, and instead use it for months to clean the utensils. This attitude brings back only harm to the family. The ideal method of sponge usage is to wash it regularly, dry it at intervals, and change it more often.

Kitchen sponge being the most contaminated item
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2 The tray dish washing stand is no less than an aid for microbes

In many homes, the washed dishes are arranged beautifully in a dish rack, with a tray at bottom meant for collecting water from the dishes. This tray is ironically same to the one put forward for the guests to offer eating. With the moisture being collected accompanied by the ignorance granted, microbes find the dish rack as the most delightful place. They live, reproduce and become the cause of many upcoming diseases for the house members. In addition to the grant of living place, microbes find their spread mechanism even easier due to their direct contact with the food dishes.

The tray dish washing stand is no less than an aid for microbes
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3 Get your tooth brushes bacteria-free

Washrooms are considered as being the filthiest and contaminated. Yes, you are right in that thinking! Perhaps, if you deem only the toilet seat with the germs, then you can be wrong. Many people keep their toothbrushes naked inside the toilet and do not change their favorite toothbrushes until it starts to look more like a floor cleaning brush. Recent studies show that the bacteria spreads more at the time a person pulls down the toilet handle. The toothbrushes are the most likely thing to get contaminated during this process. Secondly, it is thought that due to insufficient washing practices, the toothbrushes’ bottom harbors a lot of bacteria. The best way to keep the toothbrush bacteria-free is to use brush caps and keep changing them.

Get your tooth brushes bacteria-free
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4 Mothers beware of the filthy toys

Most of the mummies keep themselves busy cleaning the floors whole day long. And many others, worriedly does not even allow their younger ones to crawl across and instead provide them with toys to keep them engaged. Do you think that is well enough??? Certainly not! The mothers should be aware that keeping their children away from the floor will not be a confirmation of keeping them away from diseases, owing to the fact that the playing toys are more contaminated than the floor tops. Yes, you heard it right!!! Therefore, it is recommended to disinfect the children’s toys more often than the floors.

Mothers beware of the filthy toys
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5 Soaps filled with germs

Everyone should probably have witnessed the soap advertisements guaranteeing washing away the microbes with dirt and filth. But is it really the truth?? It is rather shocking that soaps are the carriers of the most disease-causing bacteria. And most of us believe that washing hands with them would make us germ free. The better method is to use an antibacterial hand wash and face wash instead of soaps.

Soaps filled with germs
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6 The door knobs spread immense germs

Doorknobs are the most touched surfaces present in the house, therefore, it carries utmost amount of germs. Other similar surfaces include mobile and computer key pads and surfaces. Many people continue to use these filthy objects without even thinking of the after-effects. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean this ignored stuff regularly to avoid any future threat of diseases.

The door knobs spread immense germs
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7 The human body – Microbes’ favorite place of living

Ending up with the last, yet not the least, favorite residing place of microorganisms is the human body. Yes!!! Our very own body provides microbes with all that they need to live, survive and thrive. Many people do not know that the human body serves as the best reservoir of microorganisms, although not all of them are considered harmful. The human body comprises mostly of non pathogenic microorganisms which, under altered conditions, can become harmful and cause health issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep our bodies clean to a maximum extent before cleaning the external environment.

The human body – Microbes’ favorite place of living
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